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Juicy Mango Pty Ltd is a family owned citizen holding company that has acquired the 100% shareholding of Chemspec Botswana Pty Ltd from the liquidators of Chemical Specialities Pty Ltd – South Africa. The owners of Juicy Mango have established business interests operating in Botswana for over twenty five years. 

Chemspec Botswana Pty Ltd is now an independent coating’s distributor in Botswana. As a one hundred percent citizen owned company Chemspec Botswana Pty Ltd has unrestricted access to the wider Botswana market. 





The company has been in operation since 2004 and has show steady growth to date. Customer loyalty has remained good to the Chemspec brand through a strategy of technical support to local companies using this brand.   

The company serves the Botswana market through established distribution centres in Gaborone (Southern Area) and Francistown (Northern Area). Current employees bring a combined 43 years experience to the coatings industry across all sectors of the market 

Whilst its parent company “Chemical Specialities Pty Ltd” was in trouble Chemspec Botswana Pty Ltd continued trading in difficult circumstances, remained profitable and managed to retain a 19% share of the Botswana market. 

Now released from the shackles of the parent company it will maintain its brand name (Chemspec Botswana) and will apply its successful marketing strategy to the wider Botswana market.


1.      Auto refinishing paints.   
2.      Industrial Coatings.   
3.      Wood finishes.   
4.      Body Fillers and Compounds.   
5.      Tools and Accessories.   
6.      Decorative Paint. 


Our Technical sales team and tinters have been in the Industry for many years and have a great deal of practical knowledge. We are able to assess the situation, advise our customers and come up with the best solution to most problems.

Our Mission

The mission of the company is to become an exclusive chemical distribution company in Botswana, distributing an extensive range of chemical product nationally to Botswana industry. 
 In seeking product partners the company will recruit and train qualified graduate staff to handle new products and maintain a consistent level of expertise across all sectors. We see the training and development of local talent as key to any shared venture we embark upon. 

 As a possible partner we would welcome the opportunity to hold in-depth discussions with you in respect of business opportunities in Botswana and to share our vision for the market.

Our partners